Jewish Home Announces JSLAdvantage

ROCHESTER, N.Y., JULY 15, 2020—Jewish Home announces its new JSLAdvantage™ program—a unique, comprehensive 360-degree approach to help protect its residents and staff across campus, including The Jewish Home and Summit at Brighton, from the spread of COVID-19 through extensive sanitization protocols.

JSLAdvantage best-practice health and safety standards exceed guidelines from the CDC and Department of Health. The highly-trained Environmental Services staff at Jewish Home conducts frequent, rigorous decontamination procedures supplemented by the use of innovative technology such as:

  • The SteraMist® Surface Unit. This fully-portable, hand-held, point and spray disinfection/decontamination system aids in general disinfecting procedures on any surface including floors, walls, furniture, accessories, counter tops, cabinets, handrails and doors. SteraMist uses “No-Touch Disinfection” technology that produces a fine mist of hydrogen peroxide that kills bacteria and viruses. It can reach surfaces that regular disinfectants can’t reach. There is no need to wipe or rinse the surface, and it leaves no residue. This allows Jewish Home staff to safely disinfect all types of surfaces in just minutes – including high touch, sensitive equipment.
  • The UV Rapid Disinfecting Unit. This ultraviolet disinfecting machine is the same as many hospitals use to prevent disease contamination. It is custom-programmed to help Jewish Home fight against COVID-19 and is intended for use in any area which is at a higher risk for exposure.
  • The iCleanse Swift XL. This is the world’s first and only chemical-free disinfection multi-bay docking station for mobile devices. Mobile devices are high-touch surfaces that require disinfection in clinical and germ-sensitive settings. iCleanse Swift XL provides a solution for security, charging, and disinfection of Jewish Home staff’s mobile devices, all in one.
  • Laminate Protective Barriers. Installation both indoors and outdoors, across the campus, of protective laminate barriers to ensure social distancing for our residents and staff where it’s needed.

“The JSLAdvantage sanitization program is one of the many ways Jewish Home is working to fight the spread of COVID-19,” said Michael King, President and CEO. “From strict use of personal protective equipment, to stringent screening, to ongoing staff testing, Jewish Home is fiercely committed to keep our 600 residents and 1,000 staff members safe from the spread of COVID-19.”


The SteraMistTM Surface Unit is used to sanitize furniture at the Jewish Home.
Summit staff using SteraMistTM Surface Unit in common areas.







Roberta Cappon, Marketing Manager


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