Sharing The Light: Local Organizations Hosting Chanukah Car Parade and Menorah Lighting

ROCHESTER, NY—November 26, 2021—Several local organizations are hosting a car parade to celebrate the first night of Chanukah on Sunday, November 28. The parade will depart from Hillel Community Day School at 3:30 PM and conclude with a menorah lighting at 4:00 PM at Jewish Home.

For the eight-day festival, Jewish Home has invited the clergy and other Jewish communal leaders to help light eighteen separate menorahs throughout the campus, bearing small gifts for the residents. “We are indeed grateful to partner with our religious community at this time of year,” says Rabbi Steven Rubenstein, Director of Chaplaincy Services at Jewish Senior Life.

He continues, “Chanukah is a holiday that not only celebrates the military victory of Judah Maccabee and the Hasmoneans in restoring the Temple from the Greeks who defiled it, it is also a holiday that highlights the importance of bringing light into our darkened world. We tell the story about the one flask of oil that was found lasting for eight days as a miracle. However, what is even more miraculous is when we transfer the flame from one candle to another, the light of the first candle—known as the Sha’mash—is never diminished. Each of us is like that lead candle whenever we bring joy to another person.” 

Chabad of Pittsford is providing goodie bags for all children. Cars will have Chanukah flags and festive music will be played. Parade participants will gather at Hillel Community Day School, located at 191 Fairfield Drive. From there, they will travel Elmwood Avenue to Twelve Corners, then down Winton Road to Jewish Home, located at 2021 Winton Road South, for the menorah lighting.

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