Outpatient Rehabilitation

The Atkin Center for Outpatient Rehabilitation provides multi-disciplinary rehabilitation services for adults of all ages. With a full spectrum of therapy services, as well as specific treatments for a range of health issues, patients benefit from one-on-one personalized therapy plans that help them return to their highest level of independence. Our experienced therapists work as a team to provide comprehensive support. We offer speech and language, physical, and occupational therapies in one location to support recovery and build patient strength and confidence to get back to fuller functioning and living.

Regaining Independence

We see patients whose abilities have been affected by the following:

Outpatient rehabilitation
The Atkin Center for Outpatient Rehabilitation

Our individualized treatment programs include the following:

* LSVT Big and Loud is a treatment that helps those recovering from Parkinson’s and other neurological disorders regain strength and improve clarity in their speech. **We have partnered with Rochester Rehabilitation’s DriveOn program to help seniors drive safely, comfortably and stress-free. Our occupational therapists work with DriveOn’s experienced driver specialists to evaluate driving ability and create a customized driver training program to help older drivers maintain their driving independence.

Contact Us

For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact us at:

(585) 784-6530

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