Neurobehavioral Rehabilitation

Located on a secured wing of the Jewish Home Farash Tower, the Jewish Home’s Neurobehavioral Rehabilitation Program is a specialty program designed for individuals who have traumatic brain injuries, neurologic impairments, or certain behavioral health disorders. This program is best suited for patients who demonstrate problem behaviors that are low in frequency and low to moderate intensity. 

Neurobehavioral Rehabilitation Therapies Specializes In:

Treatment plans are individualized and focus on developing behavioral management strategies. We use these strategies, as well as a stable activity pattern, to promote a patient’s independence and personal awareness. We work closely with patients and their families to achieve maximum health and functional ability. Our treatment goal is to have patients be at a level where they successfully manage a daily routine within the community after discharge.

Highly Trained Care Team

We provide a high staff to patient ratio so we can best support our patients. Our program staff, including nurses, therapists, behavioral specialists, and psychiatrist, are trained in behavior management techniques, neurobehavioral intervention, data collection, and advanced rehabilitation skills.

Please find our Neurobehavioral Rehabilitation Program application packet here.

Contact Us

For more information on admissions to the neurobehavioral program, call or email us at:

(585) 784-6395

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