Jewish Home Short-Term Rehabilitation

Many people require skilled nursing and rehabilitative services following hospitalization for surgery, infectious disease conditions or other complex health conditions. It is our goal to provide the best patient experience possible and to assist you in a speedy and effective transition back to your community. We offer a range of specialized care programs to patients of all faiths and ethnicities. Each program is supported by a focused, highly qualified on-site medical staff. And because our highly skilled, certified therapy staff are our employees—not temporary or contract staff—we’re able to provide a unique level of consistency, stability and quality for our clients.

Our short-term rehabilitation includes specialties in:

If you’ve suffered a heart attack, had bypass surgery, valve replacement surgery, or struggle with endurance, you need specialized care to get you back to your best. The myHeart® Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Program provides short-term, sub-acute rehabilitation to rebuild the strength and confidence you need to bridge the gap between hospitalization and home.

Our interdisciplinary care team provide support to assist in recovery from stroke, hemorrhaging stroke and transient ischemic attacks (TIAs). Stroke recovery care focuses on maximizing the patient’s health and independence. Our physical, occupational and speech therapy is available seven days per week.

Specialized Short-Term Rehabilitation
Whether you’ve had elective joint replacement surgery or need to recover from a traumatic injury, our orthopedic rehabilitation program can help get you back on your feet.

Many people require skilled nursing and rehabilitative services following hospitalization for surgery, infectious disease conditions or other complex health conditions.  Many of these people require IV medications, complex wound care, close nursing and medical monitoring, and patient and family training to learn how to manage new medical devices, medications and diseases.

Our Diabetes Center of Excellence is focused on improving overall care for our patients and getting you back to your best self. Since many short-term rehabilitation patients are currently living with diabetes, we have resources available to help manage this disease and prevent it from affecting other diagnoses.

A Collaborative Team of Recovery Experts

We have a full medical team working to get you back to your daily routine and, most importantly, ensure you don’t return to the hospital. Onsite personnel include board-certified physicians in geriatrics, internal medicine and palliative care, geriatric nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. Along with a 24-hour nursing staff and certified physical/occupational therapists, our entire medical team collaborates to develop plans focused on your unique needs and goals. To further support your recovery, we offer educational and wellness support programs:


For peace of mind, you can reserve a room and preplan your stay prior to your surgery. We also admit patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and streamline the admission and discharge process as much as possible so that you can concentrate on your recovery.

To schedule a tour, pre-plan your stay, or receive more information contact us at

(585) 784-6397

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