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Visitation Guidelines

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it was crucial to adhere to vaccination, masking, and social distancing policies. At Jewish Home, we have taken a deliberate and gradual approach in removing these measures. We have consistently aligned our actions with the latest state and federal guidelines, prioritizing the health and safety of our residents, patients, visitors, and staff.

We would like to express our gratitude for your cooperation with JSL’s COVID-19 safety policies over the past three years. Your support has been invaluable in ensuring the well-being of our community.

We have received  guidance issued by the NYS DOH regarding staff booster shots and visitor testing. The latest guidance was issued in May 2023. The following are some highlights of the guidance: 

Health Care Personnel Vaccination and Booster Shots:

Visitor and Staff Masking:

Visitor Testing:

PPE/Face Mask Wearing:

Personal Visitation:

  • Cottage Homes: Personal room, porch, den, community room, outdoor areas
  • Farash Tower: Street of Shops, personal room, unit activity room, outdoor areas

Infection Prevention:

COVID-19 Outbreak Testing Guidance:

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) has provided updates and recommendations for the use of transmission-based precautions (quarantine). Here at JHR, we have revised our protocols to reflect the current recommendations as follows:

  1. Resident is exposed to a COVID-19 positive individual and not up-to-date with vaccine status (see above for up-to-date definition).
  2. Resident is exposed to a COVID-19 positive individual and becomes symptomatic.
  3. Resident is COVID-19 positive.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these updates, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Click to view our Pandemic Disaster Plan. Click to view our annual Emergency Preparedness information. 

Thank you again for your ongoing cooperation and understanding.

More On Visitation

More On Visitation

We continue to provide the opportunity for families to join their loved ones at any of our off-home activity programs. You are more than welcome to join your loved one at a program in the Cottage Community room, outdoors on our campus or at programs within the main building in the Sands Center or Art Room. Families are encouraged to check out the OMA Art Exhibit in our Sokol Porch or stop in for a quick gift at the Gift Shop.

Programs that are being held in individual homes within the cottages or on the households within the Tower are not opened up for families to attend at this time. These areas are for residents only as they are shared common areas within our campus.