Jewish Home Recognizes Employees for Providing Exemplary Care

ROCHESTER, NYDecember 17, 2021—Jewish Home recently celebrated 15 employees at Wolk Manor for their dedication and service to Wolk residents with its annual Brodsky-Grossman Employee Recognition Awards.

Last year’s event was unable to be held due to COVID-19. This year’s awards recognized staff nominated in 2020 and 2021. Juanita Cooper, Resident Assistant was the 2020 winner, and Hamid Kharmaz, Resident Assistant was the 2021 winner.

“We are so proud to recognize Juanita and Hamid as our annual Brodsky-Grossman Award winners, says Susan Bussey, Senior Vice President of Housing at Jewish Home. “We appreciate their exemplary work ethic and leadership at Wolk Manor.”

The Brodsky-Grossman Recognition Award was established in 2001 by the family of Sam and Betty Brodsky. “Years ago, when Sam and Betty Brodsky were residents at Wolk Manor, their family was impressed with the kind and caring attitude that staff exhibited towards their parents,” says Tracy Schleyer, Executive Director of Jewish Home Foundation. “Twenty years later, we are pleased to support programs like this that offer residents and their families a way to recognize staff for their exemplary care for our residents.”

The annual winners were presented with an engraved plaque and all staff honored received a certificate of achievement and a monetary award.

Juanita Cooper, left, with Susan Bussey, Senior Vice President of Housing
Hamid Kharmaz, center, with Kathy Murray-McGhan, Director of Wolk Manor (left) and Susan Bussey, Senior Vice President of Housing

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